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Rising Popularity of Tungsten in Mens Fashion

The love and use of Tungsten Carbide have garnered the favor of many people in the world. Until recently, such metals as, gold and silver were highly valued, making other metals be completely forgotten. Nowadays, Tungsten Carbide can fit perfectly into the shoes of gold and other precious items, and more people have started focusing on its rings and bands. It is to no surprise that it is gaining immense popularity each day. In fact, the use of this alloy valuable is trending like the current pulse in the 21st century. Do you want to know how this mineral came into existence, its uses, the cons, and the secret behind its durability? Lets face the reality;

The History of Tungsten Carbide
At the heart of tungsten carbide is Carl Willhelm Scheele. Carl discovered this material in 1781. However, it took an extra 150 years before its application in the relevant industry was implemented. So, the production of tungsten carbide can be traced back to the early 1920s when it was used by Osman-a Germany electrical based company as an alternative for Diamond (which was extremely expensive).
Soon afterward, tungsten carbide entered the wedding industry to manufacture mens wedding rings out of tungsten. This was when people realized their value. It is durable and fashionable. It appears shiny, and silver colored.
Tungsten carbide in the jewelry industry
The bridal jewelry industry can bride itself because of the breakthrough that tungsten carbide has provided. Its hardness, resilience and resistance to scratch make it a perfect choice for many couples. Its high polish and sleek design adds up to its incredible look. In addition to the wedding rings, it can also be used to make necklaces.
The primary pro
Tungsten carbide is scratch resistance. Moreover, it is long-lasting; even more than titanium. Did you know that you can celebrate your 29thwedding anniversary while your carbide ring is as new as you bought it? Yes! It is resilient and durable to any possible causes of scratches. Why should you go for gold rings that will wear after a couple of years or even months?
Other pros
• It is an affordable alloy. It is agreeable that gold, platinum, and other valuable jewelry may cost you a great fortune. However, if you opt for tungsten carbide, you will only spend a fraction of that money.
• It is fashionable, different and unique. Gold has been used for decades now, and it is becoming annoying. Using Tungsten carbide is unique since not many people use it. Wearing the rings made from this alloy will raise the eyebrows of many people each time you walk up and down the streets, unlike gold which has become very common.
• Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic. Even those individuals with the most sensitive skin will not react to it. You can bank on this alloy without risking losing your skin.
The cons
• Tungsten rings cannot be resized. Remember, these rings are extremely hard and customizing them can be a challenge.
• The tungsten carbide rings are not shiny as the platinum and gold rings are. Perhaps you are looking for a shining metal that reflects light from far; tungsten carbide is not that metal.
The common misconception about tungsten carbide rings
Until recently, people used to think that using tungsten carbide rings is dangerous especially during emergencies. Why? There was a misunderstanding that the ring cannot be removed since it does not bend and it may prompt the finger to be removed instead. However, this is not the case. A recent research conducted suggested that this is the safest jewelry you can ever trust. During emergencies, the silver breaks into many pieces leaving your body unhurt. This is because it does not bend. Platinum, gold, and other metals usually bend and can hurt your finger during critical moments.
Final verdict
Tungsten carbide has emerged as a lovable and inexpensive alternative for gold and platinum jewel. The unique design and appearance of this alloy are the reason behind its rising popularity. Moreover, the durability of this metal adds up to its stunning record.
However, some critics have emerged in the recent years challenging the performance of this alloy, but it has managed to silence those critics. Its popularity is spelling doom to gold, platinum, and other valuable minerals but for how long will it stay trendy? Time will tell!