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Rising Popularity of Tungsten in Mens Fashion

The love and use of Tungsten Carbide have garnered the favor of many people in the world. Until recently, such metals as, gold and silver were highly valued, making other metals be completely forgotten. Nowadays, Tungsten Carbide can fit perfectly into the shoes of gold and other precious items, and more people have started focusing on its rings and bands. It is to no surprise that it is gaining immense popularity each day. In fact, the use of this alloy valuable is trending like the current pulse in the 21st century. Do you want to know how this mineral came into existence, its uses, the cons, and the secret behind its durability? Lets face the reality;

The History of Tungsten Carbide
At the heart of tungsten carbide is Carl Willhelm Scheele. Carl discovered this material in 1781. However, it took an extra 150 years before its application in the relevant industry was implemented. So, the production of tungsten carbide can be traced back to the early 1920s when it was used by Osman-a Germany electrical based company as an alternative for Diamond (which was extremely expensive).
Soon afterward, tungsten carbide entered the wedding industry to manufacture mens wedding rings out of tungsten. This was when people realized their value. It is durable and fashionable. It appears shiny, and silver colored.
Tungsten carbide in the jewelry industry
The bridal jewelry industry can bride itself because of the breakthrough that tungsten carbide has provided. Its hardness, resilience and resistance to scratch make it a perfect choice for many couples. Its high polish and sleek design adds up to its incredible look. In addition to the wedding rings, it can also be used to make necklaces.
The primary pro
Tungsten carbide is scratch resistance. Moreover, it is long-lasting; even more than titanium. Did you know that you can celebrate your 29thwedding anniversary while your carbide ring is as new as you bought it? Yes! It is resilient and durable to any possible causes of scratches. Why should you go for gold rings that will wear after a couple of years or even months?
Other pros
• It is an affordable alloy. It is agreeable that gold, platinum, and other valuable jewelry may cost you a great fortune. However, if you opt for tungsten carbide, you will only spend a fraction of that money.
• It is fashionable, different and unique. Gold has been used for decades now, and it is becoming annoying. Using Tungsten carbide is unique since not many people use it. Wearing the rings made from this alloy will raise the eyebrows of many people each time you walk up and down the streets, unlike gold which has become very common.
• Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic. Even those individuals with the most sensitive skin will not react to it. You can bank on this alloy without risking losing your skin.
The cons
• Tungsten rings cannot be resized. Remember, these rings are extremely hard and customizing them can be a challenge.
• The tungsten carbide rings are not shiny as the platinum and gold rings are. Perhaps you are looking for a shining metal that reflects light from far; tungsten carbide is not that metal.
The common misconception about tungsten carbide rings
Until recently, people used to think that using tungsten carbide rings is dangerous especially during emergencies. Why? There was a misunderstanding that the ring cannot be removed since it does not bend and it may prompt the finger to be removed instead. However, this is not the case. A recent research conducted suggested that this is the safest jewelry you can ever trust. During emergencies, the silver breaks into many pieces leaving your body unhurt. This is because it does not bend. Platinum, gold, and other metals usually bend and can hurt your finger during critical moments.
Final verdict
Tungsten carbide has emerged as a lovable and inexpensive alternative for gold and platinum jewel. The unique design and appearance of this alloy are the reason behind its rising popularity. Moreover, the durability of this metal adds up to its stunning record.
However, some critics have emerged in the recent years challenging the performance of this alloy, but it has managed to silence those critics. Its popularity is spelling doom to gold, platinum, and other valuable minerals but for how long will it stay trendy? Time will tell!

The Best Hair Cut Ever

For all you men who need to look like a million dollars, pay attention. Let us begin in the top, literally, with the hair cut that is perfect. Some thing as easy as a hair cut that is great may supply you with the assurance you must get through a job interview, business meeting or a hot date.



Here are some strategies to get the haircut that is perfect:
1. Provide a photo
A photo may be worth a thousand words as the saying goes. Irrespective of how well you describe your barber your self, nothing says it better than the usual picture of the exact hair cut you would like. Your barber will not be unable to view what youre referring to instead of making an educated guess.
2. Have reasonable expectations
You cannot expect to look like Brad Pitt only because youre obtaining the same cut he has, even though your looks may considerably boost. Your barber must perform along with texture and your hair quality, which may differ from Pitts. Moreover, the same cut may not be as flattering for you as a result of the particular contour of mind and your face. Select somebody with a similarly shaped encounter, similar features and similar quality hair if you do replicate a star. A cut which looks not bad on a lean, long-face might not seem good on a wide, heavy encounter.
3. Get a style that complements you
In the event youre a newscaster, you might favor a cut that is different than a tattoo artist. In the event that youre a business man, you could choose a clear quick and finished cut that will need monthly touch-ups. You may also like a somewhat tousled appearance that is not overly mad but needs some goods that are design. If if you are a tattoo artist, you extended on the other and may go for a much more bold appearance, maybe shaved on one side. You can try to ask your barber for an opinion on which slashes finest fit your day job.
4. Head to a trustworthy, seasoned barber
So is the man handling it, if your own hair is important. In the event that you dont have a go- or are looking for somebody fresh, ask around. You would like somebody highly recommended from family friends or co-workers. Request men with a fantastic haircuts where they reduce their hair. You stylist must be experienced, well recognized, well-liked and trusted.
5. Tip well
Tip at least 15-20%. This may keep your barber more inclined to help keep the excellent cuts returning and content. You dont need to be known as low-cost even if you dont possess the same barber the next tine around. Additional barbers not be so keen to supply your hair the care and attention it wants and may get wind.
6. Know the maintenance the cut requires
Your hair may look remarkable when you depart the store, simply to go uncooperative and limp after a bathtub. Ensure that your coiffure can be copied at home without extensive utilization of hair goods, unless, obviously, thats that which you want. In case you have only five minutes to dress your own hair make certain that your barber knows you require a trim that could be easily maintained. Get a cut that can nonetheless look great air dried, should you not have time to get a blowdryer. Communicating by means of your barber is vital.
7. Request the barber
The barber is a hair specialist. Although you want something different however have no idea quite what, ask the barber for an opinion on what designs might work for you. This is just another reason you want somebody experienced it is possible to trust.
8. Schedule an appointment
Eventually, call in advance for an appointment. Give an idea about that which you want so the barber knows how long to anticipate to work on you. In this way you are not squeezed in between other appointments as well as your haircut is linger.

Lose The brand Labels

I still remember the first designer item I actually possessed. At that time, I was persuaded one was certainly needed by me. I didnt want it since I believed the cowhide leather could be some form of heirloom, or because it was soft that is buttery. I desired it just because it was Louis Vuitton and had the LV logo stamped all over it.


Looking back now, I laugh at myself (actually cringe!) at what was this kind of vacuous cause to purchase anything.


Dont get me wrong: I nevertheless appreciate designer things this past summer, I had to move on a shopping fast because I realized I had been spending an absurd sum of money on equipment. Designer clothes are nevertheless bought by me. However, the big difference today is I seldom, whenever, wear something with emblems.


Emblems are very convincing. Marketing can heavily influence an individual s conduct towards yet another, has eventually become a display of someones standing and, as a number of studies have revealed. The Economist noted on a study of Tilburg University by Mrijn Meijers and Rob Nelissen in the Netherlands to be published in the journal Evolution and individual Behavior. The study demonstrated that logosparticularly those that were denoted brands that were expensive could be beneficial for landing jobs and frequently created a person seem more approachable.


Thats all to say that people sometimes believe the bigger and more obnoxious the logo, the better, and are slaves to labels to paraphrase Kanye.


Several months ago, I overheard a dialogue about why you must just spend rent money on clothing/accessories/shoes that have symbols. The argument was that wearing custom items without the branding would make you fundamental, and also would defeat the aim of purchasing some thing ridiculously expensive.

Listen: living by that slogan actually makes you fundamental.


Im not saying you should simply buy emblem- custom clothes that is less. Its perfectly good to policeman a sweater with all the four white stitches visible on the garments back. But its also totally fine to fall an amount of cash that is absurd on an Lanvin tee with no logos (if that is how youre living).

Getting Set for Winter Fashion

It really is that season, you know, when you find out your attire for garments that are warm, when days that are cool are created particular with a hot cup of tea. You thought it folks that are right, its wintertime! Many people men and women associate degree flat and gloomy colours and winter trend, this is so not the case. Winter dressing might be painted with earthly hues of brownish, reddish-orange, camel, beige and a lot more. The hues range from soft, earthly to daring and deep. Here are some colours you should definitely wear this season.
Blue: Blue, especially with stronger shades like navy, cobalt-blue or ink blue are ideal for winter months. Go for dark colors in Mandarin collar shirts that are brilliant and soles.
Gray: It is a color which is becoming interchangeable with being dull and dim, that is just so wrong. Gray is an advanced shade and when paired with high-contrast oranges, reds and yellows, makes a declaration. It has an understated beauty that brings style and self-confidence in your outfitting.
Brownish: Earthly, warm and impartial are some characteristics to explain brown. Wintertime is the perfect time to use this color.
Camel: A lighter expansion of brownish, camel using a gentle, creamy tone works best for accessories, soles and fits.
Yellowish: Colours of yellow, be it in hues or more brilliant ones like chrome and ochres, are not imperfect to minimize winters boredom.
Crimsons: Tones and tints like Claret, lemon, coral consider visibility in celebration formals and ethnic wear to brighten the dreary period up! For example, a brilliant red Gingham check shirt or a maroon lender top matched with beige pants can allow you to get through any casual occasion with style.
You can never fail with colours like dark and white, they dont follow any time. They are available for experiment and do not fall into any special groups. Dark and white shirts are classic and provides you with a way to add a spark with cufflinks. So go out there and investigate.
Now, sporting the color that is right is not just enough for styling and wise way. As a guy, you got to know and exactly why and what looks the best! God unquestionably did not make us all equivalent, so theres no one-for-all notion of styling! Therefore we, we all are produced otherwise and hence need fashions that are distinct you display your best aspect.
Men with body structure that is slim and lean seem best in lighter colours of camel, and cream. Deeper colors are for men with a body that is heavy-set. Along with that you should avoid horizontal lines, assessments and materials that are thicker.
Count your self lucky, for those who possess a good peak. Tall guys can get away with something that is virtually. But just make sure you dont match your top. Also if you are perhaps not endowed with height, no concerns only prevent horizontal banding, enormous tests, and dark bold colours, be cautious about images and youll be good.
Colours and fashion are just as good as you make the man. Just dont forget, you would bring out the best in you and feel trendy and that when you-go out for work or to enjoy a-cup of evening coffee, be assured!